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Posted December 2017

I won the Hammond House/Centre University International Literary prize 2017 - Screenplay Category

Hammond House Literary Prize

I am thrilled to announce my short screenplay Eightball, about a brain-damaged witness and a hit-woman sent to find out whether he's reliable enough to testify, won the Hammond House/Centre University International Literary Prize 2017 - Screenplay Category.
Eightball will be produced in 2018, by Hammond House, directed by Curtis Hogarth.

RISING premieres!

Rising - a new play about Hurricane harvey

I live in Houston, and while Hurricane Harvey was going on, I was trapped in my house by rising water. We were extremely lucky, the waters filled the street but stopped short of the sandbags in front of our door. To pass this stressful time, I wrote a new one act about seven Middle School students, trapped in their classroom by rising floodwaters. The amazing people over at YouthPLAYS rushed it into publication, in a digital format prior to a premiere. It will be produced at the YES Prep Northline Middle School, right here in Houston (as the premiere should be!) December 1st and 2nd. Once I've had a chance to see it up on its feet, I'll make some final tweaks and it will be traditionally published, alongside my other YouthPLAYS works.
I will be donating all author proceeds from the play to local charities working for hurricane relief, both here in Texas, but also in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the states affected by Hurricane Irma... and as the years go by, those organizations working to help those affected by future hurricanes.
If you teach in a Middle School, or work with a drama group or a community theatre, please consider the play born from a storm...

Rising premieres at YES Prep Northline, Dec 1st & 2nd.

Rising - a new play about Hurricane harvey

The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea is published!

Available on Amazon after December 1st, my play set during the Red Scare of the fifties... looking for a drawing room drama for five amazing women (and a guy to play the looming Senator Mundt!) read all about it!

The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea

Childish Things, directed by Matthew Singletary is complete!

Matthew directed the Short + Sweet production of the play, and, as a film director, knew that he wanted to film a version of the play. I rewrote the script, and Vanessa Pantley (A Gulag Mouse) came on to produce it. It was shot in Los Angeles in August of 2017, and has an invitational only private screening on December 5th!

Childish Things filming

Frank Collison takes a break from the drama during filming.

I have just added new page for monologues that are gender-neutral or non-binary. There's only a few right now, but I will be adding more over the next few months! Gender Neutral Monologues Free to download!

The Lady Demands Satisfaction, winner of the 2017/2018 Joining Sword and Pen Competition will be produced by the Babes With Blades Theatre Company in Chicago, in July of 2018. More details to follow as we get closer!

The Lady Demands Satisfaction

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