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Discover the works of Arthur M. Jolly (he, him), download free monologues for auditions and classes, purchase playscripts, ask questions, and get all the info on upcoming productions. Over a million visitors so far... welcome!

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Posted September 21st, 2021.

Buy me a latte?

As my website approaches 1.5 million visitors (see the counter above), I've decided to add in a button for the "Buy me a coffee" website. I've always been adamant about having free monologues to download, and I'm going to keep them free - but I figure that at least having the option for people to tip a small amount if they want to isn't a bad thing. I don't think I'll get enough to offset the cost of the website, but anything helps! We'll see how it goes.

Snakes in a Lunchbox in Birdsboro, PA!

Break a leg to the cast and crew of Snakes in a Lunchbox - NOW PLAYING as part of Perfect 10's at the 1st Street Players in Birdsboro, PA.

Snakes in a Lunchbox at the 1st St Players

Long Joan Silver in Anchorage!

Congrats to director Becca Padrick, and the whole cast and crew at the TBA Theatre production of Long Joan Silver! I had a great time talking to the cast via zoom when they were in rehearsals, and watching you all killing it on stage via YouTube!

Long Joan Silver at the TBA Theatre

What are you writing?

I'm working on a play about The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie - developed with Houston's Alley Theatre. Here's some inside info, courtesy of Brendan Bourque-Sheil and the Landing Theatre New Works Podcast!

A Pirate's Life for Three.

We have SOLD our Pirate Ship! Catch the final episode of our adventure!

On Writing Monologues

A drama teaching friend of mine asked me to muse on what makes a strong standalone monologue for her class... so here's my take on it!

David Mark Cohen playwriting Award

The Lady Demands Satisfaction won the Region IV David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award!

David M Cohen Award

My headshot is by Jessica Sherman Photography.