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Posted January 2017

Happy New year!

I'm starting the New Year with a positive outlook! Last year had so many wonderful high notes, dozens of productions all over, including three university productions (two of A Gulag Mouse and one of Trash) the publication and premiere of a new one act Rising - which has already raised money for hurricane relief, and I hope will continue to do so in the coming year; and a couple of wonderful awards - my short screenplay Eight Ball won the Hammond House/Centre University International Literary Prize 2017 - Screenplay Category, and The Lady Demands Satisfaction, a sword-slinging farce, made me the first three time winner of the 2017/2018 Joining Sword and Pen Competition. So, it's been a good year, and I'm hoping 2018 will continue the trend!

Hammond House Literary Prize

The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea is published!

Available on Amazon, my play set during the Red Scare of the fifties... looking for a drawing room drama for five amazing women (and a guy to play the looming Senator Mundt!) read all about it!

The Ithaca Ladies Read Medea

The Lady Demands Satisfaction, winner of the 2017/2018 Joining Sword and Pen Competition will be produced by the Babes With Blades Theatre Company in Chicago, in July of 2018. More details to follow as we get closer!

The Lady Demands Satisfaction

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