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Childish Things

Colby Bleicher performs a monologue from the play at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2015.

Childish Things

A 10 minute drama for 2M, 2F
A man facing a terminal illness tries to reconcile with his daughter with the help of two of her childhood toys.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present Day

Setting: A living room.
Characters: (2M,2F)
JERRY - Old enough to have an adult daughter, infirm
TEDDY - Smart, funny in a goofy way. He comes across as a son to Jerry and older brother to Bunny - although, while it is not apparent in the first half of the play, he is actually a stuffed teddy bear, used as a puppet by Jerry.
BUNNY - Caring, a little less aware than Teddy. She is another stuffed toy, appearing human initially.
RACHEL - Jerry's daughter - his only real daughter. She is still coping with a less than ideal upbringing. Estranged, bitter. Hurt.

The play premiered in April, 2016 at the Mount Hood Community College, cast was as follows:
Rachel - Jennifer Kuenzi
Jerry - Michael Tippery
Bunny - Ashley Fray
Teddy - Ryan Townsley
and was directed by Jade Rabell.

Childish Things will be included in the iconic series that's been the standard of excellence for over seventy years - Applause Books' Best American Short Plays 2015-2016.

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About Childish Things

Drama, 10 min, 2F, 2M

Childish Things

Kay Capasso as Rachel and Frank Collison as Jerry in the Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival at the Stella Adler Theatre. Photo by Matthew Singletary.

Facing a serious diagnosis, aging Jerry tries to reconcile with his estranged daughter Rachel. Unfortunately, in Childish Things, he falls back on the two stuffed animals he used when she was a little girl to try and explain her mother's erratic - and alcoholic - behavior.
The two toys, Teddy and Bunny, appear in the play as their own selves - it may not be apparent until Rachel's entrance that they are toys not her siblings. It's a powerful play, and Rachel has a confrontational monologue that can be downloaded from the monologues for women page. The play is available from the playwright, or on the New Play Exchange.

Childish Things

Jennifer Kuenzi as Rachel in the 2016 premiere. Photo by Rhianna Rees.

Revived at Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company's short play festival MUSEUM OF DYSFUNCTION VIII, June 23 - July 2, 2016.
Revived in September 2016 as part of the SHORT+SWEET HOLLYWOOD FESTIVAL at the Stella Adler Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, and at Midnight Summit Ensemble's Ten Minute Play Slam in Chicago, 2017.

Sample Dialogue...

Childish Things

Soon to be a short film directed by Matthew Singletary!

Matthew directed the Short + Sweet production, and, as a film director, knew that he wanted to film a version of the play. I rewrote the script, and Vanessa Pantley (A Gulag Mouse) came on to produce it. It was shot in Los Angeles in August of 2017, and is in post-production. More news to come!

Childish Things filming

Frank Collison takes a break from the drama during filming.

Childish Things filming

Frank Collison and Laura Gardner on set.

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