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Posted June 2022

Brand new publication!

YouthPLAYS has just published my - can you believe it? - TWELFTH play with them! The Night Before Christmas is an inclusive, fun and funny re-imagining of the famous poem that begins "Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house..."

The Night Before Christmas Play


My short film that won the Hammond House International literary Prize for a Screenplay, Eight Ball is set to be released to film festivals! And here's a trailer for it!

Long Joan Silver at Germantown Community Theatre!

Books on Stage brings literature to life with their youth classes production! Embark on the high seas of your imagination May 11th-14th with performances at 7pm to get you home for bed! All tickets just $10. Call 901-453-7447 or get Tickets.

Long Joan Silver at the Germantown Community Theatre
The Germantown Community Theatre production!

Long Joan Silver at the Germantown Community Theatre

The Christmas Princess at Isle of Wight Academy!

The Christmas Princess will appear at the Isle of Wight Academy, 17111 Courthouse Hwy Isle of Wight County, VA 23397 for two nights only, May 13th and 14th at 7 pm.

The Christmas Princess at Isle of Wight Academy

The Christmas Princess at Isle of Wight Academy
The Isle of Wight Academy Drama Club!

One minute play!

A brand new one-minute play, Fatal Bite will be performed in Leeds, UK - and streamed online from anywhere in the world - as part of Gi60 – The International One Minute Theatre Festival, July 1st, 2022 at 7:30PM UK time. Please note - they changed the date from June to July!

Fatal Bite

Buy me a latte?

So this site is almost at 1.5 million visitors (see the counter above), and I added a button for the "Buy me a coffee" website, thinking it might offset the cost of hosting the free monologues to download. Well.. it didn't. There was an initial burst of tips from some lovely friends, for which I am very grateful... and since then... Nada. Ah well, one day I might be surprised!

A fun interview on Playwright's Spotlight!

I ended up talking to James Elden for an hour and a half - but there's some good bits throughout about techniques of playwriting!

And, for those of you who only listen to a friends podcast to see if you're mentioned in it (yeah, I know actors!)... here's a few highlights and mentions:
09:38 Babes With Blades
10:44 Babes With Blades ... oh, and several more times!
15:45 Writing Out of Sequence
17:20 The Free Republic of Bobistan & the Nicholl Fellowship
20:30 The 5 Elements of Drama
28:50 Character relationships
29:40 Kelly Younger
31:35 The Last Frontier Theatre Conference
40:00 The New Play Exchange
47:45 City Theatre
59:28 Writing Action Sequences
1:01:18 Editing a scene
1:07:50 Getting Published
1:11:00 Next Stage Press and YouthPLAYS
1:19:40 Bree Pavey and Loft Ensemble
1:25:45 Loft Ensemble
1:24:00 Mrs. Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains

A New Play!

So I've finished (kind of - they're never finished) a new play, Mrs. Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains, and I've also written a Radio-play version of the script (both on the New Play Exchange, or contact me!)
I'm pretty pleased with this one - a flexible cast size from 9 to 36, and perfect for theaters looking for an alternative to A Christmas Carol!

Mrs Dilber's Fabulous Bedcurtains

The Lady Demands Satisfaction now available!

Next Stage Press has published The Lady Demands Satisfaction, out NOW!

Next Stage Press Podcast!

I had a lot of fun talking with Next Stage Pressabout my work. Listen to the podcast here!

Next Stage Press podcast with Arthur M Jolly

What are you writing?

I'm still working on a play about The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie - developed with Houston's Alley Theatre. Here's some inside info, courtesy of Brendan Bourque-Sheil and the Landing Theatre New Works Podcast!

On Writing Monologues

A drama teaching friend of mine asked me to muse on what makes a strong standalone monologue for her class... so here's my take on it!

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