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Sales of a Dead Man

A 10 minute comedy for 2f, 2m
After the leading salesman gets squished by a bus, irascible co-workers and their awkward boss fight over his commissions to save their jobs.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Time: Pre-cell phones

Setting: A sales office.
Characters: (2f, 2m)
(It has been performed with 1f, 3m)
ELLEN - Awkward Office Manager
POTTSY - Nice, none too bright
JANICE - Sharp. Number two in sales.
EDDY - Self centered. Last in sales.

Sales of a Dead Man
The premiere in May 2018 at the Tree City Playhouse, Sylvania, Ohio.

About Sales of a Dead Man

Comedy, 10 min, 2f, 2m

Sales of a Dead Man

Sales of a Dead Man at the Santa Paula Theater Center's Plazapalooza 2018.

When the top guy on the sales board accidentally-on-purpose lies down in front of a bus, his coworkers clash over what happens to his sales commissions - in particular: who gets to be the new board leader and win a new car, and who will get fired (with possible exceptions for people on the company softball team).
If Glengarry Glen Ross had taken place at Dunder Mifflin... then this play wouldn't be needed. It's available from the playwright, or on the New Play Exchange.

The play premiered in Sylvania, Ohio at the Tree City Playhouse in 2018, and was part of Playzapalooza at the Santa Paula Theatre Center in California, and then a student production at Vanderbilt University later that year.
It was my third Playzapalooza play! Previous years included If You Could Go Back... in 2016, and The Four Senses of Love in 2015.

Sales of a Dead Man in London POSTPONED.

Sales of a Dead Man, set to be included in Scratching the Surface courtesy of Kibo Productions, in the Omnibus Theatre in London, UK has been postponed for the obvious reason.

Scratching the Surface

Tree City 10 Minute Play Competition Winner

This play won First Place in the Tree City Playhouse 10 Minute Play Competition and premiered in Sylvania, Ohio, May 2018.

Sales of a Dead Man

The premiere at the Tree City Playhouse, May 2018. Directed by Keith Ramsdell.
Photo by Keith Ramsdell.

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Sales of a Dead Man

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