My spec screenplays vary from the action-thriller Set for Life to the heartwarming comedy The Free Republic of Bobistan to the comedy-horror film The Working Dead.

Repped by Brant Rose Agency.


Childish Things, directed by Matthew Singletary, is in post.

Matthew directed the Short + Sweet production of the short play, and, as a film director, knew that he wanted to film a version of it. I rewrote the script, and Vanessa Pantley (A Gulag Mouse) came on to produce. It was shot in Los Angeles in August of 2017, and is in post-production. More news to come!

Childish Things filming

Frank Collison takes a break from the drama during filming.

Childish Things filming

Frank Collison and Laura Gardner on set.

Arthur M. Jolly

The feature Film version of A GULAG MOUSE is in post-production. Directed by Simon Fink, produced by Vanessa Pantley.

Ron Mardigan, Arthur M. Jolly

My feature length screenplay The Free Republic of Bobistan was awarded The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
More recently, I was an alternate selection for the Fox Writers Intensive, and a feature length 360 degree-VR screenplay The Hero won the Kay Snow Award for Screenwriting.

As well as numerous spec features and TV shows, I've also written a screenplay based on a treatment for Kamrany Productions, Saving Nazgul, which went into production as Under the Same Sky and is currently sitting on the shelf of a lawyer's office while various production entities argue something out. It has been there for years. I hope it eventually emerges triumphant.

Previous screenplays placed quarterfinalist in the American Screenplay Competition (So Busted), and a short screenplay Eight Ball made top ten finalist in the Pavaline Short Screenplay Competition.

Sid Gannis, Arthur M. Jolly, Susannah Grant
AMPAS President Sid Ganis, Arthur M. Jolly and Nicholl Fellowship Committee Chair Susannah Grant.
Back row: Oscar.

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