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About Eight Ball

Hammond House International Literary Prize for a Screenplay

Eight Ball
On the set of Eight Ball, photo by Heather Buckby

In the short film Eight Ball, a hit woman posing as a D.A. meets with a witness to a crime that left him brain-damaged. As she probes his memories to uncover whether he's able to testify - and therefore poses a threat to the mob boss who has hired her - we learn his tragic story and the fate that awaits them both when she makes her final decision.

Eight Ball
Sior Boyesen as Joey, holding the pen that will lead to his downfall.

The screenplay was a finalist in the Pavaline Short Screenplay Competition, and the winner of the 2017 Hammond House International Literary Prize for a Screenplay. It was produced by Hammond House Publishing and Hogarth Films by Heather Buckby in 2018, directed by Curtis Hogarth. The film was released in the UK in 2022.

Behind the scenes of Eight Ball.

Eight Ball
On the set of "Eight Ball", photo by Heather Buckby

Directed & Edited by
Curtis Hogarth

Screenplay by Arthur M. Jolly.

Siôr Boyesen ... Joey
Anna Fraser ... Andie Paxton
Mikee Introna ... Nevio Moretti

Heather Buckby .... producer
Curtis Hogarth .... executive producer
Ted Stanley .... executive producer
Connor Francis .... director of photography
Dane Nielsen .... sound operator
Jade Smith .... prop artist
Joshua Burch .... lighting tech
Siôr Boyesen .... score
special thanks to:
The Click'Em Inn
The Point
Pam's Minibus

Literary Prize