SWEEPING WITH THE ENEMY is available on the New Play Exchange.

A 10 minute comedy for 2 women.
A pair of over-zealous stage moms come to blows over the proper way to prepare the stage for their kids dance recital.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Period: Present

Setting: A stage.
Characters: (2w)
Both women are of an age to have a young daughter.
BROOKE - Southern, trying to be lady-like in spite of her anger
KATELYN - Northen, city-girl transplant. Not putting up with crap today
STAGE MANAGER (Voice only - on PA system. Pre-recorded.)

About Sweeping with the Enemy

Comedy, 10 min, 2w
Stage Combat heavy - quarterstaff

Sweeping With The Enemy
The world premiere at Carroll College, in Helena, MT, Dec 2022
Chloe Jones and Griffin Cox, directed by Aileen Jones.

A friend of mine was desperately looking for a scene for two women in a quarterstaff stage combat class, and tired of the "Robin Hood and Little John" scenes out there. I started from the premise that I wanted it to be a quarterstaff fight, but keep it grounded and modern.
This was what emerged - a fun and funny piece, much of which is told in action - of two over-zealous stage moms clashing when they share stage-sweeping duties before their kids' dance recital!

Sample Dialogue...

Sweeping with the Enemy Dialogue

Sweeping with the Enemy premieres.

Sweeping with the Enemy is on the New Play Exchange, and was discovered there by a student at Carroll University, in Helena, MT.
The play premiered at their Fade to Black Festival in December, 2022.

Sweeping with the Enemy at Carroll College