I tend to write the prop that's needed for the play - whether that's the glass tennis trophy that gets shattered in Past Curfew or the burning ember log used to threaten Anastasia in A Gulag Mouse because that's what the story needs. I don't give much thought as to who is going to get stuck actually making those props!
Now, some of that is because I have a writer hat on when I write... but some of that is because I love building props as a hobby. I may not be great at it, but it's a fun thing to do, and a great way to use my hands and my mind as a break from wading through the slow creative quagmire of actually sitting my butt down and writing.
That said, if you're looking at producing any of my plays and you're wondering how to build any of the needed props - ask! I've done them all, so I know at least one way it can be done, and usually very cheaply. Some of them are even still in storage and available to rent.
Lastly, I thought I should put together some one or two minute videos of how I built them for those that want to tackle their own! I'll add more videos as I make them.
And, as always contact me with any questions.

Prop Building

Building the Apple Barrel for Long Joan Silver

Building the glowing ember log for A Gulag Mouse

Building a Door Squeaker for Live Foley sound FX

More to come when I get around to them!