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Still Waters
A drama for 2w, 1m
A couple fight to save their marriage after the death of their daughter.

Runtime: 10 minutes
Time: 4:00 am
Setting: A living room

GABRIELLE - 30's, troubled
RAOUL - Same age, struggling
LITTLE GIRL - a ghost. No lines

Jon Simpson in Still Waters
Jon Simpson in Still Waters.

The play premiered in May 2018, produced by Dionysus Theatre at the Frankston Arts Centre
Victoria, Australia.
Cast was as follows:
Gabrielle: Kate Hilgendorf
Raoul: Jon Simpson
Little Girl (Claire): Leikny Middleton
Directed by Michelle Robertson

ABOUT Still Waters

Drama, 10 min, 2w, 1m

Still Waters
Kate Hilgendorf and Leikny Middleton in the world premiere, May, 2018, directed by Michelle Robertson
Dionysus Theatre's Areté Delta 2018 Theatre Festival at the McClelland College Performing Arts Centre in Victoria, Australia.
All photos courtesy of Dionysus Theatre

"Still Waters" was inspired the nightmare every parent has at some point. Sometimes all you can do to shake it off is to trap it on paper.

In the play, Gabrielle is troubled by haunting dreams after the drowning death of her young daughter. Raoul is equally distraught - but he's also ripped apart by the fact that Gabrielle dreams their daughter is a monster coming to get her. It's a fight between two broken, hurting people lashing out to try and handle their pain.


Stage Whispers wrote:
Still Waters, written by Arthur M. Jolly, ends Act One - a shattering story of a young couple that have lost a child, with neither having resolved their own pain and harboring resentment toward each other. Kate Hilgendorf and Jon Simpson are devastatingly brilliant in their grief.

Still Waters
Kate Hilgendorf in Still Waters.

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New Play Exchange Reviews

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Still Waters

Still Waters in Australia, Japan and Korea!

Still Waters premiered in Australia, at the Dionysus Theatre's Areté Delta 2018 Theatre Festival in May 2018 at the Frankston Arts Centre in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, and was also performed by the talented students of the EJ King High School Drama Club on the Sasebo Naval Base in Japan in February of 2019 - and then they took their production to The Far East Drama & Performing Arts Festival in Seoul, Korea!

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